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At Business Clinic®, we’re not just about business development; we’re about pioneering new paths to success. Our mission is simple: to empower businesses like yours to flourish and expand globally.

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Empower Your Business Today, Lead the Market Tomorrow

Welcome to Business Clinic®: Your Gateway to Global Business Expansion

At the heart of Business Clinic®️ lies a commitment to not just grow, but to transform businesses. While there are numerous business development programs out there, what sets Business Clinic®️ apart is its foundation on the BRAVO Framework — a methodology that goes beyond traditional strategies and a crystallization of 20 years of industry insights.

Business Clinic®️ isn’t just another business development program. It’s a transformative journey underpinned by the BRAVO Framework. This synergy ensures that businesses don’t just grow in size, but also in value, impact, and resonance. With Business Clinic®️, businesses are not just developed; they’re elevated.

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Some of my Awards & Media Recognitions

Distinguished business strategist and marketing consultant with over 25 years of reshaping businesses. I’ve garnered notable awards including „Woman of the Year“ in „Innovations and Technology“ for 2016, and the „John Atanasov“ award recognition in 2017 from the President of Bulgaria for the significant contributions to computer sciences.

my manifesto as a „marketing director“ and consultant

From start-up companies to business leaders

In a world where branding often blends into the background, I present a guiding light to distinction and achievement. Step into a partnership that transcends the ordinary. Elevate your brand, your vision, and your results.

A Proven Blueprint for Brand Strength and Identity

My proprietary methodology, recognized and celebrated with numerous accolades and awards.

Value-driven strategy

Promising assured sales growth and optimized business operations. I offer solutions that work, anchored in clear, achievable objectives.

Sales Funnel Mastery

Delving deep into the mechanics of successful sales funnels, I illuminate the path to monetization, even before a product graces the market.

Stories That Sell

Beyond mere tales, I craft compelling value propositions, weaving narratives that not only resonate but actively sell… for my valued clients.

Strategy and Planning

Grounded in the belief of sustainable business growth, I specialize in formulating strategies that deliver unparalleled value.

Marketing and IT Support - Team Management

At the heart of every success lies a cohesive, empowered team. I champion the creation and nurturing of teams that align, engage, and achieve together, ensuring a thriving and synergistic work environment.

embark on a transformative journey with the BRAVO Method

BRAVO Framework: It’s not just a strategy; it’s the blueprint for branding brilliance.

  • Customized Development with Purpose

BRAVO as Brand Purpose. Business Clinic®️ harnesses the „Brand Purpose“ element of BRAVO to tailor a development plan for your business. It’s not about fitting into a mold; it’s about understanding and amplifying the unique ‘why’ of your brand. This means every strategy deployed has a deeper alignment with your brand’s essence and vision.

  • Strategic Audience Engagement

BRAVO as Relevant Audience. Business Clinic®️ doesn’t just target an audience; it engages the right audience. Utilizing the „Relevant Target Audience“ principle, it meticulously identifies who your ideal customers are, ensuring that every business development effort is laser-focused and optimally impactful.

  • Identity Reinforcement

BRAVO as Archetype Branding. With Archetype Branding, Business Clinic®️ crafts a distinctive brand narrative. This ensures that as your business scales and diversifies, your brand identity remains strong, coherent, and emotionally resonant.

  • Value-Driven Growth

BRAVO as (unique) Value Proposition. The program employs the „Value Proposition“ tenet to ensure that as your business grows, the market clearly understands and appreciates your unique offerings. This differentiation is key in driving not just growth, but value-centric growth.

  • Unified Brand Experience

BRAVO за Omni-Channel. In today’s fragmented digital landscape, consistency is crucial. Business Clinic ensures, through the „Omni-Channel Presence“ principle, that every touchpoint, be it online or offline, delivers a cohesive and engaging brand experience.

*BRAVO Framework is my own framework. Born from 25 years of strategic marketing, archetype branding, and sales expertise. The book, BRAVO Method: Marketing Strategies for Sustainable Growth is available for pre-order on Amazon.

transform your business with a touch of briliance

Do you want to be just another business or a big success?

Are you ready to propel your business with top-tier marketing strategies? With over 20 years of experience in Growth Marketing and Business Innovations, I serve as an Interim Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), bringing not just advice, but leadership and a transformative vision.

Through the Method BRAVO, I guide my clients on a journey of remarkable change. The outcome? A resonating message, doubled sales, and the evolution of regular businesses into global phenomena.

This success is reflected in over 600 companies I’ve elevated in Bulgaria, the DACH area, the U.S., and the UK, showcasing the power of personalized guidance over generic solutions.

What I Offer:

🔰 Deep Knowledge: Leveraging a rich history of successful marketing campaigns across various industries.
🔰 Smart Planning: Crafting tailored strategies, grounded in comprehensive market analysis, competitive insights, and trend forecasting.
🔰 Results-Focused: Implementing proven strategies that yield visible, impactful outcomes and significant returns.
🔰 Interim CMO Expertise: Seamlessly integrating into your team to foster immediate growth and transformative change.

My passion also lies in empowering women in business, promoting personal growth, economic empowerment, and aiding in the reduction of domestic violence.

The choice is yours. Will your business blend into the background, or will you step into the spotlight of success? With my expertise and the innovative BRAVO Method, we can take your brand to unprecedented heights. Reach out today and start your journey towards business excellence and meaningful change.

Ivelina Atanasova – Genchev

Building and Growing Great Companies | Author of „The Bravo Method: Mastering The Art of Successful Marketing“ | Business Strategist Focused on Impactful Marketing



business clinic®️ and team management

Neuro-agility Profile™️ Advance+

Do you want to understand the individual profile of everyone in your team, or perhaps your own, to learn more easily and effectively, to reduce the rate of human errors made, and to recognize your own talents as a team leader and those of others in the group?

Do you want to feel happy, rather than tired and frustrated, when you are in the office?

All of this is possible with Neuro-Agility Profile™️ Advance+. Suitable for personal analysis as well as team assessment and evaluation.

business clinic®️ and branding

Archetype Marketing

Utilize the 12 archetypes to narrate your business story, win the hearts of your customers, and boost your sales.

A business theory grounded in C.G. Jung’s teachings, bridging the subtle line between symbols, the subconscious, and human emotions. Intrigued? Reach out for an offer.

business clinic®️ for individuals 

Online coaching, mentoring and individual marketing trainings

The online format of „Business Clinic“®️ for individuals allows you to work independently, following every step of the program at a pace and schedule that suits you.

„Business Clinic“®️ Online empowers you to either build a profitable business from scratch or amplify the earnings of your existing one, offering access to:

✅ Personalized mentoring and business coaching program
✅ A self-paced journal program.

Seeking growth? Dive into my tailored solutions.

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