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marketing on- demand


As an Interim Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) my work approach is distinguished by a focus on creating business sustainability, optimising advertising budgets and a high degree of innovation, including active integration of digital tools. 

01. result driven

More than 20 years of experience and over 650 projects help me get into any team and start adding value in less than 5 hours. Yeah, I’m not kidding, ask me for my references.

02. methodology

A success-proven methodology that combines strategic and creative approaches, cognitive psychology and analysis, holistic marketing, and business coaching to grow your business.

03. High impact

I ensure measurability of my work, financial sustainability and improved team effectiveness. It’s no coincidence that I work at a fixed minimum rate + bonus, subject to achieving set targets and results.

Proven Success

The Numbers Don’t Lie

The growth hacking methodology is the key to my Interim Marketing approach. It leads to an overall increase in speed in business processes – high speed of service, high speed of your website, fast feedback from customers, and fast results.

Although it’s a short-term position, more than half of my clients decide to work with me for a period longer than 36 months.


Revenue Inrease


REturn Users


Ask me for their references


It’s not just business, it’s about loyalty and partnership


Since the Interim Head of Marketing is experienced to hit the ground running, I’m flexible and ready to oversee your marketing operations efficiently as though there was no change of leadership.


The interim position is naturally short-term but very often stretches to a long-term position – more than half of my clients decide to work with me for more than 5 years. Of course, there is a reason they trust me. You get an individual who is extra motivated to produce a result at no extra cost. 


Are you looking to add more value to your business in terms of marketing? As an Interim Head of Marketing, I’m responsible also to coach a company’s marketing team either in the absence of the Chief Marketing Officer or filling in when the CMO is too busy on other projects.


As Interim Chief Marketing Officer, I offer more than just marketing skills. I’m experienced also in business development, development, and implementation of marketing plans both for new and existing markets, monitoring results to optimize sales ensuring a highly favorable ROI, strong brand identity, and development.

It’s not even similar to hiring a conventional Head of Marketing, it’s a completely new and more complex experience.


Head of Marketing is a vital position in a corporation. Companies cannot risk hiring incompetent individuals. The repercussions are far too grave. Chief Marketing Officers do not only head brand marketing operations but a group of individuals whose performance depends on them as leaders. By employing the services of one of these specialists, companies get to avoid the risk associated with quick or rush hires for the long-term role.


The Interim Chief Marketing Officer does not only fill a vacant position but assists the organization’s management to ensure efficiency. While it might seem logical and cost-effective to simply promote another staff to help out on large projects, employing an Interim Marketing service provider will lead to improved proficiency because you hire a great professional who will deliver you a tailor-made solution in no time. 


Pricing Models For Every Need

Strategic marketing leadership for businesses needing to jump-start or tune up marketing efforts, including team management, in-house training, improving market presence, and growing sales.

case study

How did 411 Locals saved $65,000 on marketing in 4 months, and increased its sales?


411Locals is an American company whose best-selling product is an SEO service. The business started 14 years ago in Varna, Bulgaria, and has one of the lowest trust ratings I’ve ever seen – 1.5⭐️ Yelp, 2.5⭐️ Truspilot and 3.5⭐️ Glassdor. To improve it and increase sales, gaining trust was a real marketing challenge. Still, in less than 6 months and 450 hours of work, we did it – the advertising cost was reduced, the sales improved, the team efficiency was doubled and we created a marketing automation process to support the sellers’ activity.

The best recommendation remains a success

What did I achieved?

optimised wage costs


optimised ad costs


team efficiency


marketing efficiency


feedback from the team

What team said about me

I have worked very closely with Ivelina over the last 6 months as she served as our Fractional CMO. During this time, she was able to accomplish by far more than her predecessor with fewer resources.

As the owner of the wholistic customer journey, I was extremely impressed with her approach to all things marketing through the lens of our customers. The quality of her work has been phenomenal, and I know that when she commits to something, she delivers.


On a personal note, I have the utmost respect and confidence in Ivelina. She has character attributes can be counted upon time and time again. She is honest, caring, and focused on the success others. She is a high-energy, hands-on leader who understands the importance of the customer experience. She has the grit and the drive to push even the most difficult projects through to completion.


As a business leader, she is highly intelligent, self-confident, innovative, and results focused. Her dedication and tireless attention to detail are attributes that have led her to many successes while working with us.


Ivelina is truly a rare individual that will be a tremendous asset to any company. She will be missed.

Patrick M. Ferdig

VP, Customer Success, 411 Locals

and more

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes an Interim CMO different than a marketing consultant?

Being trained to hit the ground running to assist in accomplishing business marketing objectives by imploring and overseeing the marketing team, as an Interim I’m result-driven and experienced not only in marketing but also in business development, team management, leadership as also technically savvy. 

Why hire an Interim Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)? 

An Interim Chief Marketing Officer offers more than just marketing skills but also a marketing strategy – development and implementation of marketing plans both for new and existing markets, monitoring results to optimize sales ensuring a highly favorable ROI, strong brand identity.

Full-time vs. Part-time Interim Executive Services? 

As a full-time marketing executive, I will provide hands-on team management to transform marketing & product management for improved revenue results and better alignment with the rest of the business. 

As a part-time marketing executive, I will provide strategic marketing leadership for businesses needing to jump-start or tune up marketing efforts, including guidance to hire a new marketing leader, improve market presence and grow sales. 

Could you help me with a project? 

YES. Assessments and insights are crucial not only for new markets but also for existing ones, so I can help you with organizational changes, expansions into new markets, product launches, refining go-to-market strategies, pitch deck preparation for fundraising and marketing plan reviews.

Start-ups or global enterprises? 

Both. I’m managing my own start-up companies, so I know your pains if you are in the startup business, but meanwhile, I’m also a marketing trainer and experienced in designing successful sales and business development strategies to support global enterprises. 


If I can hire you on a subscription, may I pay for a single consultation?

Yes, although I’m working as an Interim Chief marketing officer you can hire me also for a single consultation or a bundle of some. I do not recommend you to plan a shorter 90 and 120 minutes consultation if you want to have any results.


What may I ask?

Anything related to business development and your marketing strategy and/or communication. This includes also your brand management.


How does it work? A consultation process.

Referring to the best coaching practices, we always start with a goal setting and brainstorming session to generate ideas and/or audit – the market, competitors, and opportunities. We’ll conclude with a list of concrete next steps and an action plan.


How many consultations are needed?

It depends on your goals. If you are a start-up company and are looking for “ideas”, we will prepare a company rescue plan within 3 to 5 consultations. A package of 10 consultations will help and train you on how to implement and adapt it in the market.


Do I have a team?

Yes. Over the years I have had the opportunity to form my own teams as well as work with a network of freelance designers and developers. Also videographers, accountants, analysts, intellectual property lawyers, stylists, speech and stage manners trainers, tone-editors, musicians and who knows who else. They are all part of my “arsenal” to this day, when needed.

As an Interim I’m managing and working with the teams of the companies that hire me.