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business clinic®

Growth Hacking for business and Individuals


Business Clinic®️ is a transformational program based on ethical growth marketing & growth hacking practices. It combines technology, design & media to build advanced connections between brands and people.

from startups to business leaders

Building brands with purpose and passion

Business Clinic®️ is a transformation program helping enterprises and people to tune up their business expertise and marketing plan, build up a stronger team and improve the performance and execution of marketing and product management.

It combines technology, design & media to build advanced connections between brands and people. A business strategy to create new ways generating value and revenue through digital transformation and PR activities.

It’s All About People

Business Clinic®️ for Individuals is a female leadership and mentoring program for women leaders and women entrepreneurs that
combines business coaching and analysis of “internal resources”, building personal (fashion) style and management with business training in communication, archetypal branding, marketing and business development “outward”.
The end result is sustainable business processes and satisfaction

Building brands with purpose and passion

Business Clinic®️ for Enterprises is on a mission is to assure your business continuity and minimise disruption in time of digital transformation. The digital transformation strategy involves design thinking, competitive research, digital roadmapping + digital tools (integration and education), that will improve up to 30% your annual financial results, according to the 80% of my clients.

“Business Clinic®” is a protected trademark under national and European law.


Business Clinic®️ for Individuals

Market Insights & Tactical Advise You Won’t Find Anywhere Else

The Business Clinic®️ for Individuals has been designed BY entrepreneurs, FOR entrepreneurs, which means you can find EVERYTHING you need as a hustling business woman to keep you inspired, on track, aligned with your vision, and connected to those who will support your journey to success, incl:

  • Bi-Weekly ‘Ask-Me-Anything’ Sessions;
  • Weekly Office Hours ​where you can get feedback and guidance from trusted experts, answering your burning questions on legal, accounting, operations, sales and marketing;
  • Quarterly Goal Setting Workshops;
  • Founder & Friends Interview Series;
  • Bi-Weekly ‘Breakfast & Biz’ Connection Sessions;
  • LIVE Member Hotseat sessions.

    business clinic®️ for enterprises

    Change Management At Master Level For Startups & Enterprises

    Business Clinic®️ program helps businesses to quickly realign their sales processes, change their priorities and communication strategy, and minimize financial losses.


    Combining Agile and Stage-Gate for New Product Development or Sprints, together we’ll develop and test your ideas in just 5 days. It’s an appropriate choice when entering new markets, developing new products or planning digital transformation. Think Business Clinic®️, think change management. My aim is making it smooth and easy.



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    Prices and scope of service


    I Can Do It All. Get In Touch For a Free Consultation

    Business Consulting

    Market Research

    Mergers & Acquisitions

    Digital IQ Assessment

    Neuro-agility Profile

    In-house business Trainings

    Growth Marketing

    Corporate Identity

    Archetype Branding


    What Business Clinic®️ Can Do For You

    When you have a business that your clients love, but can’t seem to sell much, often the problem is sitting inside your strenghts and weakness management or product portfolio alignment. Ineffective marketing wastes money and can do it very quickly.

    If you want to quickly audit your marketing strategy, measure the effectiveness of your marketing team, or realign your sales processes and change your priorities, then the Business Clinic®️ is right for you. 

    In a series of Agile Marketing Sprint sessions and a Team Assessment, you’ll have a roadmap in your hands to make the change and business growth sustanable.

    Archetype Branding

    Brand Identity. Mood Boards. Mission. Vision and Unique Value Proposition. Communication strategy to create an emotional connection with your target audience.

    Growth Marketing

    Communication and sales strategy. Brand management. Product portfolio. Sales strategy. Digital IQ. Marketing performance, strengths of the company that enable sustainable growth.

    Employer Value Proposition

    Corporate culture. Internal communication. Brand management  to core benefits that make up your wider employer brand

    Team management

    Neuro-agility and motivation assessment. In-house trainings. Improving team performance and reducing mistakes to develop talents and reduce wage costs.

    Business Clinic®️ Method

    108 Days Program

    Book a Growth Session today and learn about our 90-day program that has been tested and approved by more than 650 other Business Owners.


    Understand your strengths and weaknesses to build up your strategy.


    Create and Improve your Marketing Strategy and Sales Funnel.


    Collect data and maximise.